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Expert Financial Services Consultants in Dublin

Staying competitive in today’s overheated financial marketplace means making sure your business practices are streamlined and efficient and that you comply with all relevant regulations. The expert financial services consultants at Oberkorn can solve a range of critical issues facing both large and small businesses operating in today’s complex regulatory environment. Based in Dublin and operating across Ireland, the UK and Europe, Oberkorn provides an exclusive, highly specialised advisory service across the financial services sector. Our in-depth, specialised experience of financial services regulation gives us the expertise to fully understand how best to navigate the regulatory maze.

Making Sense of Payments and Financial Services Regulation

Oberkorn can deliver compliant solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

20 years of experience

With more than two decades of experience in the banking industry, we can offer you effective solutions and knowledgeable advice.

Realistic and practical advice

The skilled financial services consultants at Oberkorn provide realistic and practical advice, instead of solely legal advice.

Tailored to your needs 

Our deep understanding of current financial regulations means we can deliver compliant solutions that meet the exact needs of your business.

Meeting Your Needs

Optimised banking and payments services

The delivery of banking and payment services is a highly regulated activity. There are many complex legal and compliance issues for both established businesses and emerging fintech companies. Failure to meet these responsibilities could result in heavy fines and severe penalties. Unfortunately, many new companies simply do not have an understanding of what their fiscal reporting responsibilities are or how to fulfil them. Oberkorn can provide you with the professional guidance and expert advice you need to stay on top of your obligations.


Benefit from Our Experience

The consultants at Oberkorn have been working within the financial services regulations sector for many years. Our experience allows us to deliver focused, practical and actionable advice that will help your business achieve its goals and meet its objectives in a fully compliant manner. To discuss how Oberkorn can add value to your operations, please contact our Dublin headquarters now to arrange an initial consultation.

Contact us on +35319104998 for professional advice from experienced financial services consultants.

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